We are engaged in video design. Combining strategic and creative approaches we achieve best results.

Corporate presentation

In order to inspire the team with new achievements, to tell about the success of your company or to share your own invaluable experience, you will need a strong presentation. We know how not to let the audience fall asleep, to make people get off the Facebook and emails, memorize the speech and get to like the speaker.

Promo video

You invented a flying bike, launched an application that gives immortality or something even more interesting. Now you want everyone to know about it. We will define the correct strategic direction, create a script, draw, take a video, animate, asound, write music and make sure that our work yielded the desired results.

TV design

“Television is a cheap and vulgar entertainment,” Winston Churchill once said. We strongly disagree with him, although it is not in our competence to produce the content for the TV airtime. We wrap-up a good show in an excellent package. From developing ideas and drawing the concept, to animating each strip and creating a brand book of the whole show. We are happy to work with the best.

Our Clients