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Promo video for Adjust Service

Client: Adjust
Date: 25.05.2018
Services: Promo video


The Adjust application for marketers was launched two years ago and since then is widely used by specialists in marketing from all around the world. This time Adjust team was presenting application during the huge event and needed in a timely manner a brief and powerful presentation for the new audience that would easily explain the app and create momentum for engaging more users.


We came up with a mixed solution of animated video presentation both explaining the work of the application and promoting it within the target audience. The animation combines metaphoric lines with application’s interface and gives a solid impression of what Adjust is about.


Strengthened with video during the presentation, Adjust was able to grasp attention of newcomers, make a positive impression of the product, increase its visibility and engage new clients from the public attending the event. As you can see, we develop beautiful & useful animated video for marketing.