Effective CoST platform

For the cooperation of the state, business and civil society in Ukraine. Preparation of a video report on the work done in an easy and accessible form.

Client: CoST
Date: 22.05.2018
Service: Promo video


CoST is a voluntary initiative which provides transparency and accountability for the construction of public infrastructure facilities. The Secretariat of the organization is located in London. The purpose of the CoST initiative in Ukraine is to create an effective platform for cooperation between the government, business and society. Two years after the launch, it is high time to make a progress report for investors and government.


We created a video presentation in which we animated documents with the help of 3D animator and in such a way maintained innovativeness and constructability of the organization. As a result, we made an uncluttered, interactive and accessible presentation.


Among the guests of the presentation, there were official representatives of the state and heads of top investment companies from around the world. After successful completion of the pilot phase, the initiative continues operation in Ukraine and actively expands the list of projects in the field of infrastructure. And we are proud to be part of this change.