Daisy Disk

Client: Daisy Disk
Date: 21.05.2018
Services: Promo video


In 2009 Ukrainian IT-specialists developed the Daisy Disk app, which finds junk files on your MacBook and lets you delete them. After the cleanup, computer starts to work faster and better, and you have the opportunity to save and download new apps, photos, videos, etc. When the program was launched on the market, it was necessary to properly communicate the idea of the project and explain the benefits of the Daisy Disk.


Our team created a short and fun video, showing how many unnecessary files can be stored on your computer. The Daisy Disk app allows you to take a different look at data garbage and timely eliminate it.


(It was pleasure working on the project for the Daisy Disk which is considered to be one of the three best apps for analyzing and cleaning Apple laptops. The slogan “See big junk and delete it” is still used as a main one for the brand.