Philip Morris

Client: Philip Morris
Date: 22.05.2018

Philip Morris has been our reliable partner for whom we constantly create presentations and videos for internal use, promos and communications material for big congresses over the span of five years. We prepared b2b presentations for meetings and conferences for Philip Morris Ukraine since 2013.

Our team works not only with the Ukrainian affiliate branch of the brand, but also with the Japanese Philip Morris. For example, on the relaunch of the Marlboro Red line. And the iQOS project turned out to be the major partnership with the company. From the very beginning of the launch of the product, we prepared video presentations for Philip Morris employees around the world, helped the creators to communicate their idea across to team members.

We also developed visual materials about the best practices of promoting iQOS products in Japan and how they are applicable in other countries and regions of the world. It is worth pointing out that today iQOS is one of the most successful projects of Philip Morris, a unique innovation that is the absolute leader in its segment. iQOS products have reached a phenomenal 16 percent market share since its launch in 2014.