Sobytiya Nedeli

Prime time news program at TV channel

Video design for the news at prime time for one of the most popular TV channels in Ukraine

Client: TV channel Ukraina
Date: 01.10.2018
Services: TV Design


“Ukraina” television channel relaunched the info-analytic program “Sobytiya nedeli” in 2017. There was a need to change the visual style of the show, make it more up-to-date, sophisticated and appropriate to the thematic specialization of the show.


We rebranded the program and worked out its complete visual design: preview, logo, cutaways, lower thirds, windows of live stand-up, prints, etc. All operating instructions and materials are organized in the brand book. The logo and headlines are emphasized with a marker; this suggests that program concentrates only on key news of the week. The events are placed in a calendar grid, which is collected as a barley-brick, lining up in a certain order and focusing only on the most important ones.


The program “Sobytiya nedeli” with TV host Oleg Panyuta continues to be aired successfully every Sunday. It is worth noting that “Ukraina” is the most rated TV channel in our country and leads three audiences of MB research of the top channels of the year, according to the results of 2017. At the same time, “Sobytiya nedeli” is in the TOP-5 best programs on Ukrainian television.