Torah School

Client: Torah School
Website: TSGW.ORG
Date: 07.05.2018
Services: Promo video


Torah School in New York was undergoing transformation and needed funds to to fuel its enlargement. For this reason a fundraising event was planned to get together potential investors, alumni and supporters. How to present the new vision of the school and share their best practices with the audience to encourage people donate the new costly project?


With animated video we created a general picture of the school now and how it is planned to be. We drew attention of the audience to educational philosophy the Torah School is based on, shared first-hand impressions of pupils and experience of teachers and presented the general vision for the future and incremental steps that need to be taken to achieve it. In the end we included fundraising goal and a call to action.


1.8 Million was successfully collected to make Torah School a reality. Video-presentation describing in a simple yet entertaining and powerful way all the aspects of the ambitious project became an important tool to achieve organizer’s crowdfunding goal. As you can see, we can develop beautiful & useful corporate video.